Tricks to Consider When In the Escape Room

Escape rooms are also called escape games or puzzle rooms. They can be hard to tackle if you do not do things right ( With the right strategy, you can easily tackle the game. Here are just some of the tricks that can help you win the escape room.

They include;

Choose the right team

You will need to find a good team to play with. The team you choose should be comfortable for you. Also, ensure you choose a team size that you are comfortable playing with. Some escape rooms can hold up to 10 people. But you can choose a team number that you are willing to work with.

Plan before

You need to get ready before you play the games. It is crucial that you freshen up to ensure that you are comfortable. You can also book the escape room in advance ( You can also get on time or some minutes before your game starts.

Be positive

It is important that you have a positive attitude when tackling the puzzles. A positive attitude will help build your confidence. A positive player will always expect great wins. For that reason, you will need to face the trials and struggles that come with the escape room. Ensure that you avoid getting frustrations. You will also need to be friendly to your team. it is because you are working on the same goal together.

Familiarize with the room rules

It is vital that you read through the game rules. Understanding the room rules will help you know your limits. This will help you avoid getting messing up your game. In case of any problem, you can always ask for assistance. There is always a game master in the escape room ready to assist you.

Be time-conscious

You get a time range when in the escape room. For that reason, ensure that you play within your time range. You should not exceed the time given. Always check on the clock to help you know how much time you should wait before asking for a clue.


Communication is key in every escape room. It will help you work together as a team. Ensure that what you see is what you say. In case you see a symbol that no one else has seen, you need to say it. This will avoid missing a clue and help you win the game.

Be determined and consistent

Despite the challenges and frustrations from the escape room, you need to remain determined. Have high expectations from the game. Always stay focused to win the game. Losing hope before you finish the game will only make you lose the game.

Have fun

The reason why you go to an escape room is to play games and have fun. For that reason, avoid anger issues in case of loss. You should always find reasons to have fun while tackling the tough puzzles.


Escape rooms are tough and need the right strategy to help you win. You can only win the escape game if you are familiar with the tricks.