Recruitment And CVs


When looking for a job or desiring to be recruited into an organization, having a CV is important and sometimes mandatory. CV stands for Curriculum Vitae and it’s a representation of your skills and abilities, check here

Having a well formatted and structured CV helps in securing that job position. A badly written CV reduces the chances of getting the job as there is only one chance with CVs. Your CV is the reference point for the intending employer during the hiring process.

While there are no specific ways and methods of writing a CV, knowing what employers and recruiters look for can make your CV stand out and help put your foot at the door. Below are four things that make a CV stand out:

HOW IT LOOKS: The expression, �first impression matters’ may seem like a cliché, but in this case, it is very true. How your CV looks matters a lot. If it looks like every other CV piled on the table, the chances are that your CV won’t be given a second glance; if it gets a first. Your CV should stand out. It should be organized, easy to read and well formatted. It must also be free from grammatical errors and typos.

HOW RELEVANT IT IS: Start with your current job experience or skill that is relevant to the position you are applying for. Avoid filling your CV with unnecessary information just to make the CV bulky. The information written should be of importance to the recruiter or employer.

HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE: The amount of experience you have is also a crucial factor. Recruiters will feel more comfortable knowing you have some knowledge in the position that is vacant. The more years you’ve had working in the required field, the better your chances are at getting the job.

WHO KNOWS YOU: Putting down the contact address of a referee gives legitimacy to your CV. It lets the recruiters know that someone can vouch for you and also confirm any written information you may have put down.

Writing a CV may seem like a hard task but with a little effort and remembering the steps listed above, that job opening may not seem so far-fetched any more. To increase your chances in a successful CV please check what cv guru have to offer here