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Magnetic Drilling-Machine
Electromechanic Base Drilling-Machine is a core result of BDS-Maschinen. Both specialize in a manufacturing about magnetic-base drilling equipment since 1989 & so concentrate the main center on this output line.
Currently, we’ve the extensive range of electromechanic drills in these world (hydraulikk pumpe) . With extra than twenty seven models of electromechanic drills as conventional models as great order to create special design magnetic-drills.

What does BDS electromechanic base drilling tools ”Premium” remains the next formation tech similar:
1. Full flow control radars for steady watt-output, so also while drilling, these watt of these mag drills doesn’t fall (hydraulikk sylinder) .
2. KEYLESS-drill chucks on change tools minus losing point & forces.
3. Carbon brush-wear control sign.
4. Next production LED-switches on these new models the reason being BDS regularly updates the products to remain the tech leader.
5. Complete internal-cabling of these motor cable.
6. Almost each mag drills remain available in Swivel-Base option.
7. Oil-bath-gearbox for robust, heavy-duty and long duty life of these mag drill.
8. Magnet adhesion-indicator to safety; & much more distinct advantages
Electromechanic Drilling Machine-Category
Furthermore, magnetic field drilling machines of BDS-Maschinen are classified into 4 performance status, to get it simple for the customer to select the best magnetic base-drilling machine to their requirement. The four categories remain called ProfiSTART, ProfiBASIC, ProfiPLUS, & ProfiSPEZIAL.

ProfiPLUS-magnetic drills remains intended to Drilling, Countersink, Tapping & Reaming services. The four operations remain possible on the ProfiPLUS-magnetic drills the reason being these models remain equipped among ”Reversible-Motors”. These reversible motor could rotate clockwise while well being counter-clockwise (pneumatikk) . BDS-Maschinen is among the very less manufacturers of electromechanic drills on the world among reversible motors.
ProfiSTART-magnetic foundation drilling devices are designed for heavy-duty-drilling operations. The machines own the benefits over these competition by owning features like total internal-cabling, magnet-indicator, robust-oil-bath gearbox, & most significant KEYLESS-drill chucks for these Morse-Taper 2 designs. ProfiBASIC-mag drills are freshly introduced mag-drills for users that have fewer drilling requirement & wish to own more price economical machine.